Cloudbeds – How to See the List of Enabled Channels

Cloudbeds – How to See the List of Enabled Channels

This knowledge base post will show you how to quickly see using Cloudbeds all the channels enabled you are currently offering inventory and rates.

It is important to keep track of the online channels you are offering rates and inventory, and as the time pass and operations must run, you probably lost track at some stage. Hopefully, Cloudbeds make this easy to check and see the list of the current online sales channels you are using.

1. Login to Cloudbeds

Login to Cloudbeds using your credentials. You will land on your Dashboard.

Cloudbeds Login Page

2. Open the settings

On the top right-hand corner, click on the gear icon to access your property settings.

Cloudbeds dashboard

3. Channel Distribution

On the left-hand side, develop the menu Channel Distribution and click on the Channels button.

Cloudbeds settings channels

4. Enabled channels list

Now you can see the list of all channels available to be connected and the ones currently connected. You can scroll down this list and see the green Enabled icons is there when a channel is connected without error.

Cloudbeds settings Channels enabled

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