How to Access your Price Parity Report

How to Access your Price Parity Report

Learn how to login and access your Rate Parity Checker. In the dashboard, you can find your invoices, subscription details and links to your reports.

1. Login Button

Go to Olive & Lake's website and click on the "Client Login" button in the top right corner of the page. On a mobile device, you'll find it inside the menu.

Olive and Lake website

2. Price Parity Checker Login

Olive & Lake has two separate logins for clients. One is for our price parity checker and the other is for all other services we provide such as hosting, domain registration, etc.

You need to click the "Price Parity Login" button. This will open in a new window and you will land on the Member Login page.

Olive and lake client login area

3. Login Page

Enter your username and password. 

If you have any difficulties, don't hesitate to contact us! If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can click on the link "Lost your password?"

Then enter your username or email and click on the "Get new password" button.

You will soon receive an email to reset the password. Just follow the instructions in that email.

olive and lake client login page

4. Your Client Dashboard

Great! You are now logged in to your dashboard!

From this dashboard you can access your invoices, current subscription, update your profile and access your hotel rate parity report.

olive and lake rate parity checker dashboard

5. Reports

First click on the "Reports" tab in the dashboard menu then click on the link "Open Report".

You will be automatically redirected to your report!

Moreover, you will receive daily emails when we refresh the data in your report. You just need to click the link in the email to access your reports.

olive and lake rate parity checker report page

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