Identify Problems using our Hotel Rate Parity Checker

Identify Problems using our Hotel Rate Parity Checker

This knowledge base post will guide you through the process of reading your Rate Parity Report to quickly identify if you have rate parity issues on your sales channels.

Nowadays, it’s harder and harder to check our prices across the multitude of sales channels available. There are many places to check including your booking engine, online travel agents (OTAs), metasearch results, etc. If you’re selling rooms online, you need to check the prices regularly to ensure that channels are not undercutting your set prices. This can be a time-consuming task and can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t use the correct tools! Fortunately, our hotel rate parity checker does the hard work for you.

You can read this post like a step by step guide to quickly identify if you have a rate parity issues for your hotel.

1. Login to your Report

You’ll receive daily emails with a link to your latest report. Alternatively, you can find your report link in our dashboard. You can follow the instructions here about How to Access your Price Parity Report.

Olive and lake client login area

2. Using the Line Graph

Once you are logged in, you will land on the first page of the Report; the Line Graph page.

Our Rate Parity Checker is shopping for your rates for you across the biggest OTAs including, Agoda, Expedia and HostelWorld.

If you can only see one line, then it means you price parity is perfect! It means that the rates available are all the same on all channels we are shopping for your rates.

If you can see more than one line in the graph, then you have rate disparity and we found different rates on different channels. The further apart the lines, then the bigger the disparity.

Having read this, you can easily spot on the following screenshot the rate parity issue we found on the 11th March 2021.

You can see that the price parity for this client is very good, but it’s not perfect. Our report quickly identifies where the issue has been found.

a price partiy issue found using the line graph

3. Using the Bar Chart

For some people, it’s easier to read a bar chart than a line chart. Use the menu to navigate to the bar chart.

Read: How to Navigate your Rate Parity Checker Reports.

The principle is similar that the one we used with the line chart. If you can see some bars going higher than others, then you have a rate parity issue.

You can see in the screenshot below we have rate parity issue spotted by the system on the 11th March 2021 for the channel

To quickly identify the rate of one channel you can use the color code. On the top of the graph/chart you can find the legend with the name of the channels and a coloured rectangle next to it.

If you want to highlight just one channel without hiding the other ones, click on the relevant coloured rectangle.


Olive & Lake Rate shopper bar chart

4. Using the Rate Table

Finally, on the last page of the report, you can get more details about the data you want to observe.

For example, we want to get more details for the rate parity issue we spotted on the 11th March 2021.

We are going to start by filtering the table by date. Click on the filter box “Check-in” then select the 11th March 2021 by clicking on “Only” when you hover over the date you want to select.

The table will then display only the data for the check-in date 11th March 2021.

Now you can see the following information to help you solve your issue:

  • Check-in date
  • Check out date
  • Length of stay (LOS)
  • Channel
  • Screenshots of what we observed
  • Rate per night
  • The total rate for the stay.
Olive & Lake Rate Parity Checker Table Rate

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