Are you happy with your social media reach?

Are you happy with your social media reach?

Are people seeing your posts? Do you get a lot of interaction? Are you effectively using social media to reach both new and existing customers? If not, then chat with us and let us help you!

Attract, Engage and Grow your Social Media Presence!

Social Media Management Service

Social media management has become an important aspect of online marketing. Over the years, social media has changed and the way businesses look to get online visibility from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Stay ahead of the curve on social media!

Olive & Lake will look at your business, learn about your products and services and create a unique social media plan just for you. What works for one business, doesn’t always work for others. So, we need to find what works for you and make it a success.

Stand out on Social Media!

Create a social media marketing plan.

Social media can help you to connect with current customers and reach out to new customers.

Things have evolved from posting as much as you can to attract likes and shares. Nowadays, successful social media campaigns are much more about quality over quantity.

First, we need to look at your goals and objectives. Then, we’ll make a plan to start making your business as visible as possible on social media websites.

Who are your competitors and what are they doing?

Competition Analysis.

Competition analysis is an important aspect of social media marketing and often overlooked.

We start by looking at your business, your target market, what your competitors are doing well and what they’re getting wrong.

From here, we can start to create a social media plan which will benefit your business in the long term.

Attract your audience with the perfect profile...

Social Media Account Creation

Whether you already have a social media account or are starting a new one, you need to make sure that you start on the right foot.

Imagine running a campaign for your latest promotion, but people don’t know how to find you! This is just one of the problems we avoid by fully optimising your social media profile.

Professional Profile Creation

We understand the importance of consistent citations for local SEO. We know how to optimise profiles to make you stand out from your competitors. Don’t just have a Facebook page just because you “need to have one”.

Are you Social?

There’s no reason to make an Instagram account if you’re not going to post photos. You don’t need a Facebook page if you won’t interact with your audience.

Safety First!

We create accounts and advise you of the best way to professionally manage your profiles and keep them safe. We always apply best practices to user management to keep your social media accounts safely in your control.

It's more than just posting selfies!

Social Media Planning.

We will work with you and analyse your business to make a plan which works for you.

It’s important to determine what to post (the type of posts – photos, videos, blog posts, etc), when to post and at what frequency.

Our plan will include special events and times of the year including New Year, Christmas, big sporting events or whatever is important to your business.

Each plan is unique and we’ll look at your needs, business goals and financial budget to decide the best way forward.

What do we do for you?

It’s important that you don’t just publish marketing material, posts will soon become invisible to your audience. Successful online businesses produce a range of different posts to interact with their community and mix this with more traditional sales type posts. We’ll work with you to help you to find a good balance of engagement and sales.

Products Post

Share the latest products, details and information with your community.

Sharing Reviews

Did you get an awesome review on Google Business? Share it with your audience.

User Content

Let your customers speak for you and post user-generated content.


Do you have a party, promotion or other event soon? Advertise it correctly.


Giveaways bring lots of attention. Create a competition to increase brand awareness.


People get easily bored with reading – short videos are great for conversions.


Show your expertise and give useful information to your community.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way to bring visitors to your website and show your expertise.

Polls / Question

Find out what your customers like and what they don’t like with a poll!

We don't just boost your posts!

Advanced audience building techniques.

A bit part of social media marketing is tracking visitors and building audiences. We use a combination of experience, knowledge and Artificial Intelligence to build targeted lists for your business.

Effective audience building offers you a better return on your investment because we can refine your audience to people who are more likely to buy your product / service.

Prepare Your Website & Social Media Accounts

To build an audience with people who have visited your website / social media channels, we need to start tracking them.

We need to properly setup Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Tags or any tracking method you need depending on the platform where you will be running ads.

Start Building Your Audience

We will use a variety of methods to start building your audience.

This might include people who have visited your website, watched your YouTube video, has liked or commented on a post or sent you a message on Facebook.

Organise Your Audience

We can segment your audience into smaller lists so that we can better target each person in that list.

Separating your audience into lists with specific interests can help to increase conversion rates.

Retarget Your Audience

We can now start to show ads to specific people based on their interests, not just on their location or demographic data.

For example, if one person has shown an interest in buying one of your products, we can show them more ads regarding that particular product.

Contact us for a Free Consultation!

Come to our office for a coffee and a chat*. We want to hear about your business, your plans and help you reach your online potential.

*If you’re not in Siem Reap, we’ll contact you on Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever is easiest for you. We’ll have a virtual coffee together!

Social Media Management in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Olive & Lake is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia and we provide social media management services to clients all over the world. Our team of highly skilled social media managers, content creators and digital marketers know how to take your social media channels to the next level.

We can work with you from setting up your social media pages to implementing campaigns to driving more reach and visibility.

Using advanced techniques to build audiences for running paid ads and promotions, we can give your business the social media boost it needs! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Social Media FAQ

Of course you have some questions – it’s completely understandable. We’re always here and ready to answer anything you want to know! In the meantime, here are some answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked.

This is the most commonly asked question by far. It’s also one of the most difficult questions to answer.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to social media management. You might already have a great Facebook page, or you need us to create you a new one. You might create your own content or need us to create content for you. There are too many things we need to discuss before we can give you an exact price.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can create a plan for you.

You will need to supply us with photos, designs, etc. We can write the content for you based on your information.

If you need a graphic designer to design posters or a photographer to take photos of your products or business, then we have many people we work with and can happily recommend people to help you.

We don’t produce the designs for you, but we will work with you and your designer to help you prepare and optimise your media content for your social media marketing campaigns.

Yes, we will need access to your Facebook Page, Google Business Listing or the social media profiles we are working on.

Your safety and security is our priority. We encourage our clients to use the tools available to them to securely give us access to their social media profiles.

For example, for your Facebook page, we don’t need or want “admin” access. Instead, we will request “editor” access from our Facebook Business (Agency) Account. This is not the same as a personal profile on Facebook, and you’ll get a notification that Olive & Lake Agency has requested “Partner Access”.

We will never ask for your password to your private accounts to gain access to your social media business pages. You should never give your personal password to anybody or give admin access to people so that they can change the users.

This is important as it means that only you are 100% in control of your account at all times. Nobody can take it away from you.

We provide a consultation service about good password management and account management for our clients.


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