Who are Olive & Lake?

Olive & Lake is a digital marketing agency based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We’ve helped many businesses in Cambodia and around the reach their online potential and more.

Owned and operated by Sebastien Olive and William Lake, we have helped over 100 clients and continue to add new clients to our books each week.

Monday, February 18th 2019
New Offices
The new partnership between Sebastien Olive and William Lake was born with the opening of their new office on Palm Street in Siem Reap. This historical moment is marked with a new day in the office doing what we do best, making sure the world can see our clients.
Monday, February 18th 2019
Saturday, 9th March 2019
New Website
As well sell websites to our clients, we thought that it might be a good idea to build our own website. It went live today! Woohoo!
Saturday, 9th March 2019
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Who is Sebastien Olive?

Sébastien is a digital marketing specialist and a marketing expert with extensive experience and successes in these fields.

Sébastien discovered Cambodia in 2012 on his way back to France from Australia where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing.

He went back to France and graduated from business school with a Master’s degree in Business and Marketing from Kedge Business School and worked as a project manager for a the Groupe La Poste communication agency. After 4 years in France, adventure was calling and he decided to leave again.

Sébastien has a scientific background and he is passionate about data, data analysis and loves a good spreadsheet! Often called a “geek” by is loved ones, Sébastien combines marketing and statistical analysis into a very useful skill for his clients. This allows him to get the most out of digital marketing strategies and to use the full power of the Internet and web-based tools.

He arrived in Cambodia in August 2016, and quickly found a job in the biggest restaurant group in Siem Reap. Here, he developed some famous restaurants of the city including Embassy restaurant, Abacus restaurant, DID – Dine in the Dark, and Kanell dinner show.

It was during this experience that Sébastien and William met and started to work together and develop strong affinity and friendship through the development of the restaurant websites and digital marketing strategies.

They have been very successful and they have found that the combination of their experiences and skill sets worked well together.

It wasn’t long after that Olive & Lake was born.

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Who is William Lake?

William is a digital marketing specialist and website developer with extensive knowledge of SEO.

Born in the early 1980s, William was brought up on computing classics such as the Amstrad CPC464, the Commodore Amiga, Sega Master System, Windows 3.11, MS DOS and other forgotten platforms.

It was during this time that he developed an interested in anything to do with computers.

William has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in law. It was here that he honed his skills as an accomplished academic writer. Skills which were later very useful when he decided to take up SEO.

After the 2008 economic crisis hit, William decided to leave the UK. He sold all his belongings and set off armed with the clothes on his back and a laptop.

He arrived in Cambodia in 2010.

By the end of the year, he had made his very first website. It was a website dedicated to learning English and giving advice to ESL teachers.

He coded it himself, spent countless nights making mistakes and knew nothing about SEO.

In 2011, William made his first dollar online. It was at this point he knew that he wanted to work online.

William set about spending the next six or seven years of his life researching, making mistakes, building websites, creating backlinks, learning and reading everything he could find about digital marketing and SEO.

Fast forward to today and William has grown his businesses and has helped over 100 clients increase their online presence with well-built websites, successful SEO campaigns, social media marketing, and more.

William now specialises in digital marketing and SEO. He has a proven track record and a reputation in Siem Reap the “guy to go to” for help.

Above all, William never stops learning because he knows that knowledge is what keeps him ahead of the curve.

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Tata Thav

Tata Thav

Office Manager

Tata is an experienced office manager. She keeps things organised, is the first point of contact for our clients and is always eager to learn new skills.

Kresna Un

Kresna Un

Website Developer

Kresna is our resident website developer. Always acquiring new skills is what keeps him fresh in his ability to design and build beautiful websites for our clients.

Phalla Sroen

Phalla Sroen

E-Commerce Officer

Phalla is our e-commerce officer and deals with all our bookings and reviews. She knows the importance of reputation management for our clients.

Samhai Hav

Samhai Hov

E-Commerce Officer

Samhai is also our e-commerce officer. She takes care the bookings and reviews for all our clients. When she’s not working, Samhai loves to read books!