Do you understand digital marketing for hotels?

Do you need help with digital marketing for your hotel?

Digital marketing is important for any business and especially important for an industry as competitive as tourism. We understand the market and are experts in digital marketing for the hospitality industry.

A fresh look could make you save time and money, improve your business

Hospitality Consultation Service

Olive & Lake offers a hospitality consultation service with one of our experienced consultants. We provide consultation services for hotels, hostels, resorts and guest houses for digital marketing, revenue management and optimising your online sales channels.

We are experts in digital marketing and focus on the hospitality industry.

Olive & Lake can look at your online sales channels, including your website and OTAs, to ensure that they are the best they can be. Moreover, if you’re looking at promoting your business online, we can help you with social media marketing, PPC advertising, website development and more.

We are digital marketers specialised for the hospitality industry.

We won’t claim to help you where we’re not experienced. For example, we won’t consult on the day to day operations of your restaurant or staff training.

We are digital marketers who understand the need for hotels to be more visible online. This is what we do know and where we can help you.

Digital Marketing is an important aspect to all modern businesses and when it’s done right, you will see the benefits of having more guests in your hotel, higher average daily rates and more direct bookings.

Reviews are important!

How guests book hotels.

Here is a typical journey for a guest who is about to book a hotel.

Since the dawn of the internet age, more people have been using the internet to find hotels and it’s important for your business to be visible online.

Find out below exactly how important it is to be visible!

It's all about reputation!

As people are scrolling through pages of hotel listings, they’ll be filtering hotels according to their taste and budget. They’ll be clicking on listings which look nice, so it’s important to put your best foot forward with great photos. When they find a suitable hotel, they’ll start to read the reviews. According to TripAdvisor, 70% of people will read online reviews before making a booking.


Read Reviews When Searching

People will start to look at reviews when they are searching for possible hotels. Reviews help them decide.


Read Reviews When Booking

When a guest has found a suitable hotel and starts the booking process, they’ll look again at the reviews.


Make Choices Based on Reviews

If a hotel has bad reviews, then it will affect people’s choices. They’ll choose a hotel based on the reviews.

Visit the Hotel's Website!

This is an important step where you can catch the direct booking. The potential guest will visit the hotel’s website to get more information, see more photos or check out special deals and packages.

Now it’s your time for your website to shine! We have to do everything possible to capture the direct booking at this stage.

Guests will be looking at websites from a few hotels at this stage. It’s important that they can easily find your website and it fulfils the visitors needs more than your competitor’s website.


Visit the Hotel's Website

Before making a booking, most guests will visit the hotel’s website.


Online Bookings

72% of guests will book online either with an OTA or direct.


Book on Mobile Device

54% of guests will use a mobile device to make their booking.

Make the Booking!

People will start their search online and most will make their booking online. A hotel needs to do everything they can to encourage the guest to book directly on their website.

As mobile devices are becoming ever more popular, you need to ensure that your website works well on smaller devices and the booking process is just as easy.

How can we help you?

For our clients to be successful in attracting these guests we have to consider the OTAs visibility, quality of their OTA listing,  inventory management, rates, website design, search engine visibility and many more things. Below is a list of services we provide to achieve these goals.

We’ll manage and optimise your inventory and prices across multiple online sales channels to get your more visibility.

Responsive, fast loading, strong calls to action and clear booking incentives will help maximise direct bookings.

You need to know what people are saying about you online to attract people to book a room at your hotel.

Use social media to reach out to potential guests, interact with previous guests and showcase your hotel.

google Ads picto

You can increase direct bookings while competing directly with OTAs and show guests your best prices on your website.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best website in the world if nobody is looking at it. Increase visibility with SEO for hotels.

google Ads picto

Google Ads can be a great option to qualified leads for your hotel and instant visibility on Google search.

facebook ads olive and lake

Show ads to people who are interested in your hotel with targeted audiences and advanced audience building techniques.

expedia travel ads olive and lake

You can get short term gains by putting your hotel directly on the first page of Expedia’s search results.

tripadvisor ads olive and lake

TripAdvisor ads can also benefit some hotels and you can get instant exposure for your hotel.

google Ads picto

Display your direct booking rates alongside OTAs on Google’s hotel search. Increase direct bookings with metasearch.

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Come to our office for a coffee and a chat*. We want to hear about your business, your plans and help you reach your online potential.

*If you’re not in Siem Reap, we’ll contact you on Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever is easiest for you. We’ll have a virtual coffee together!

Hospitality Consulting in Siem Reap

Although our offices are based in Siem Reap, we do have clients from all over the world. We’re able to help hotels to achieve online success effectively and efficiently. We understand global markets and use data to make educated decisions on e-commerce for the hospitality sector.

With modern technology, our location doesn’t cause problems for providing services to clients across any contintent. In fact, we see our location as a benefit to provide cost-effective and high quality services for hoteliers.

Hospitality Consulting FAQ

Of course you have some questions – it’s completely understandable. We’re always here and ready to answer anything you want to know! In the meantime, here are some answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked.

No, we don’t tie you into long contracts in order to keep you as a customer. Instead, we offer only month to month rolling agreements.

You’re free to cancel at any time.

Instead, we prefer the quality of work to be the reason why you want to continue to do business with us. We will always give you our best work – this is our promise to you. You’re free to stop working with us at any time. We have a high client retention rate because we know our job, we don’t make false promises and we’re always professional. Contact us and find out how we might be able to work together very soon!

We focus solely on where we are skilled – online marketing. We will not give you advice about daily operations, management or anything where we don’t have knowledge.

If you need to know about websites, booking engines, channel managers, revenue management, social media and more then we can help.

Olive & Lake will not make promises on increasing your income or getting you more clients. Markets change for a variety of reasons and the Coronavirus in 2020 is the perfect example of this.

Instead, we promise that you’ll have a well-optimised website which tracks conversions to allow us to further optimise and tweak. You’ll have an easy to book system so that it encourages guests to make direct bookings. We will fix all issues which are causing you to lose visibility on OTAs.

All of these things combined do usually result in more visibility, more visitors to your online sales channels and generally more bookings.

We will make your business as visible as possible within your budget.

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