Do you have price parity issues with your hotel?

Do you have price parity issues with your hotel?

Did you set your hotel rates only to find it cheaper somewhere else? Are you spending a lot of time checking that Agoda or Expedia are displaying your correct rates?

Simple yet effective Rate Parity Software.

Hotel Rate Parity Checker

Introducing our powerful rate parity checker. We search out your rates and send you daily updates with what we find. You can then take action before your rate problems become a bigger problem. Olive & Lake provides revenue management services to many clients around the world, and the first tool we check is our price parity tool.

Get daily rate reports with screenshots to control your rates!

After building this tool to save time and make our team more efficient, we soon realised how much time we saved which could be spent on other tasks. Also, by using our rate parity software, we were able to fix problems quickly which had many other benefits including more visibility on sales channels, higher average daily rates and more.

Don't over complicate things!

The simplest Solution on the Market

We tried many different solutions to effectively track our prices online and they all had one problem – they were over complicated.

All we needed was quick access to the data that we needed most – our prices on various dates on different websites.

So this is what we created. A simple yet effective rate parity software solution which saved us time and got us results.

Simpler means cheaper!

Cost-Effective Price Parity Checker

We also found that many other rate shoppers were expensive. Many things you buy have high monthly fees and together they all add up to quite a lot.

In some cases, pricing models weren’t clear with monthly prices for this or a per room per OTA price for that. It was complicated, expensive and confusing.

So we decided to make it as clear and simple as possible – a tool for everyone.

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You need to be in control!

Why is Price Parity Important?

All hoteliers need to stand out online. Online travel agencies (OTAs) such as and Expedia use complicated algorithms to rank hotels in their search results. One of the most important things they look at is that you are giving them the best rates possible.

OTAs will often give discounts and promotions to make your price lower than what you set. When the other OTAs find these prices, things can start to become a problem. We’ve created a simple solution to help all hoteliers stay ahead of the curve.

Revenue Loss

Don’t let other sales channels steal your bookings and sell your rooms at a lower rate. Maintain your pricing strategy and reduce revenue loss.

Search Rankings

If finds your price cheaper on Agoda, they’ll put you down lower in the search results. It will be more difficult for customers to find your hotel.

Direct Bookings

If you’re selling hotel rooms on your website and OTAs are undercutting your prices, you’ll get less direct bookings. Increase direct bookings with good price parity.

Meta Search Positioning

If you’re paying for Meta Search listings to get more direct bookings, you want to make sure other OTAs are not undercutting your rates and selling your hotel for cheaper.

We've got you covered!

Hotel Rate Parity Checker

There are many tools on the market to check your prices, you can even do it yourself. Just search for you hotel, click a few days, note the price and repeat this on all OTAs.

If you find prices cheaper than what you set, then you need to fix it.

You’ll need to note the date, take a screenshot and speak to your market manager.

This can be time consuming. We do the hard work for you, so you can get back to running your hotel.

Save Time

Don’t spend your time checking your prices on every other website, let us do the hard work for you.

We’ll even send you screenshot evidence of the prices we find which can be used as evidence for discussions with your market manager.

Spot the Problem in Advance

You will find price parity issues and be able to fix them before it becomes a bigger problem. Once the OTAs start finding cheaper prices elsewhere, your visibility will go down quicker than the Titanic.

Fix Problems Quickly

If you find a cheaper rate on Agoda, they’ll ask for lots of details to investigate before they’ll even look at your issue. We’ll send you screenshot evidence of price parity issues which you can forward directly to your market manager.

There’s not need to spend your time gathering evidence, we’ve done it for you.

Increase Visibility

When you have good price parity scores on all your sales channels, you’ll have increased rankings in the OTAs search results.

All OTAs give preference to hotels which offer them the best rates. If they find cheaper rates elsewhere, they’ll favour other hotels.

Prevent Potential Revenue Loss

Imagine you sell your rooms to a local travel agent and give them a preferred price. This agent then decides to sell your rooms on Agoda at a much lower price than what you’re selling them for.

Which price do you think the customer will book. Your price or the much cheaper price you agreed with your B2B partners?

Instantly find out when people are undercutting your advertised rates and stop it immediately.

Visualised Data Platform

We have all our data in an easy to see graph. You’ll get an email with the daily rates, we’ll give you access to our platform where you can see line graphs, bar charts or a table of all your scores. You’ll also have links to screenshots of all prices we found so you can be sure we have the correct prices.

Olive & Lake Price Parity Checker Line Chart
Olive & Lake Price Parity Checker Bar chart
Olive & Lake Rate Parity Checker Table

Easy to Use

Many platforms give you too much information, it’s difficult to know what you need to look at and what data you need to fix problems. Using our tool, we were quickly able to identify pricing problems and fix them before they became a bigger problem. In this instance, the hotel’s channel manager wasn’t correctly updating the channel. After we quickly spotted the issue, we were able to check for technical problems and fix them.

Actionable Data

After investigating, you might find that the problem isn’t technical at all. Everything you have set is correct and that there is another problem which needs investigating. You’ll need to contact your market manager and ask for their help to find and fix your issue. To do this, they’ll need some information from you. We give you everything you need to fix it.

OTA Rate Parity

We don’t check or Orbitz because they are both owned by Expedia and get their rates from Expedia’s extranet. It’s the same with the websites owned by and These 5 main OTAs will cover nearly all the places where your prices are displayed. If you are using one of our selected booking engines, we can also send direct booking rates.

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Take Back Control Today!

Take back control of your hotel’s rates and get daily updates for the information you need to ensure that you don’t have any rate parity issues which could cause you problems with your visibility. We’ve created an effective tool for hoteliers to stay in control.

Hotel Rate Parity Checker FAQ

Of course you have some questions – it’s completely understandable. We’re always here and ready to answer anything you want to know! In the meantime, here are some answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked.

The price is $9.99 per month or we have a special rate of $99.99 per year where you get 12 months for the price of 10. We use Stripe as our payment gateway. You can use all major credit cards to make your payment.

You will be automatically charged your recurring fee until you cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We don’t have any contracts and you just have to login to your user dashboard and cancel the services.

Yes, it is.

Sign up today and get a 14-day free trial. All you need to do is cancel before 14 days and you won’t be charged anything.

We’ll send you a daily email which to inform you that your rate data has been updated. Inside the email, will be a link to the rate parity dashboard so you can see a graphical representation of your rates. Here, it’s easy to see when rates are not what they should be.

We’ll send out emails once a day with your report. They won’t be sent at specific times and times may vary. We’ll send them out as early as possible.

If you haven’t received your email, you should first check your spam folder. If it’s located inside there, you’ll need mark it as safe or add our domain to your whitelist.


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