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Website Design in Siem Reap

Olive & Lake

Olive & Lake have been building websites for clients in Siem Reap, Cambodia and around the world since 2019. We have a portfolio of 150+ websites in many different industries. 

We’re not like other website design companies who just make websites, we are digital marketing experts and focus our efforts on building websites which make you money. 

A developer will make you a website, but you’ll need to tell them everything you want to put on it. You’ll need to write the content for them and figure out the sales funnel yourself. We’ll take care of everything for you – from the design, content, sales funnel and everything else which goes into a successful website.

You get more than just a website with Olive & Lake, we help you to drive more customers to your business and organise your digital operations.

We come highly recommended...



Owner of Pavillon d'Orient

Olive & Lake are real professionals, and they know what they are doing! We hired them to help us manage our online presence for our hotel. Our scores on the OTAs quickly improved and we got more visibility and bookings!

Nathalie - Maison Polanka


Owner of Maison Polanka

We rebuilt our website entirely with Olive & Lake after a disastrous experience with another designer. It was easy and smooth and a pleasure to collaborate with them. We highly recommend Olive & Lake as a webmaster.

Giovanna Morandi

Giovanna Morandi

Owner of Navutu Resorts

I cannot recommend Olive & Lake highly enough. The team created new websites for our 2 resorts in Cambodia and Fiji that immediately increased our visibility, they have a great eye and deep understanding on how to make a website work.

We Work Around You!

Why Olive & Lake?

We take the time to really understand you and your business. This helps us to develop your online business and work towards driving a successful online strategy tailored around you.

Digital marketing can be technical and complicated. Olive & Lake keep it simple and create a website which is exactly what you need it to be. 

We only make bespoke websites because your business is unique. Our flexible approach will ensure a successful handover of your final project.

You don't need a guy who can make a website. You need a marketing team who can drive sales for your business.

William Lake
Want to see me in colour?
Will Lake

What Can We Do for You?

Olive & Lake has worked with many businesses, big and small. Although we specialise in the hotel industry, our skills are transferrable across different types of businesses. We've made websites for restaurants, schools, travel agencies, tour guides, transport companies, tech companies and even hospitals.

Local Shops

Do you own a local shop and want to be found online when people are searching for the products you sell? Then we can help optimise your business for local SEO.


We've worked with many food and drink businesses including restaurants, bars and cafes. We know how to turn searchers into paying guests.

Health Services

If you're a health clinic, dentist or other health service provider, we can make sure that you are being seen by patients who need to find you.

Travel & Tours

We've made many websites selling travel and tour services. If you're looking to sell tours around Cambodia or your own country, we can help you do it!


Do you need a website to showcase or sell your products online? We can help to build product listing sites with all the functionality you need.

Online Services

If you offer any online services such as distance learning, online coaching or anything else, we can help build sites with appointment scheduling, online payments, etc.

Local Services

Do you offer local services in your area and want people to find your business when they need your services? Then we can help you.


We've worked with many non-profit organisations and provided a range of services for our clients from website design to IT support.

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What Do You Want from Us?

You need a website, that's why you're here. But you need more than a guy who can build you a website, you need a team who can take your project, understand your needs, offer real solutions and build you a professional website.

We build all websites with YOU in mind.

Whether you need us to take care of everything for you or you want to be able to edit your own content when we're done, it's fine. We'll make sure that you have the level of control you want. We'll always be here to offer our professional services and advice.


We're a professional digital marketing agency and have built 100s of websites. We'll take care of every aspect of your website from conception, design to launch and ongoing support.

Half & Half

Let us build your website, but hand it over to you to add blog posts, change images, add new promos or whatever you want to do yourself.  We will provide full training and support to help you along the way.

Full Control

You might just need us to do the initial build and completely hand it over to you and your team. This isn't a problem; we can do that too. You can have full control over your website, safe in the knowledge we're always here to help.

Responsive Web Design

Designed for People

Not everybody will be viewing your website on a large full HD monitor. In fact, most of your visitors will likely to be using a mobile device.

Of course, it goes without saying that every website we build will look good on all devices from a mobile phone to a large 4k TV and everything in between.

People need to be able to read and navigate your website wherever they are located. Whether that is at home with their super-fast fibre optic internet or sitting on a bus with a slow 4G connection, they need to be able to access your website. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about being optimised for various devices.

All websites built by Olive & Lake are optimised for all devices and user experience.

Responsive Web Design
Unique & Bespoke Website Design

Unique Design

Designed for People

We don’t use templates so that your website looks the same as everyone else’s. Instead, we look at each new project with a blank piece of paper. 

Whether you have a clear idea of what you want your website to look like or you need us to help with inspiration, it’s fine. We can build anything you want. 

Of course, we’re always on hand to offer our professional advice on what we know will work for your business. 

Ultimately, you want your business to stand out from the crowd and not blend in with everyone else. That is why you need a unique and bespoke website design service.

A great design and intuitive navigation will help to increase your conversion rates and reach your goals.

Professional Copywriting

Designed for People

People read websites, so your content should be written for your visitors to read.

Content needs to be optimised for search engines, but first and foremost, it needs to be interesting for the people visiting your website.

We provide high-quality content written by professional copywriters. If we are building a multilingual website, we only use professional translators to make your content sound great in multiple languages.

Professional content is what keeps people on your website. 

Olive & Lake only provides high-quality and well-written content which people actually want to read.

Professional Copywriting
Secure Website

Security Is Built into Every Website

Designed for People

Online security is something which should be taken seriously by everyone.

That’s why we ensure that all our websites meet modern safety standards so that we protect you and your customers. 

On top of this, we believe that online safety is so important that we don’t charge extra for it. 

Every website we build comes with an SSL certificate so that your visitors can browse your website in confidence. 

Our servers are secure, logins are protected by two-factor authentication, and we only use best practices for storing data. 

Online safety is important. In fact, we feel it's so important that we don't charge you extra to keep you and your customers safe online.

Lightning Fast Websites

Built for Search Engines

Both people and search engines hate a slow website. A slow site gives users a poor experience and they will leave your website.

Google only wants to show their users websites which meet their quality standards and page loading times is just one of these aspects. 

Therefore, when Olive & Lake create a website, we take page speed optimisation very seriously.

We utilise a number of methods which will help your website to load as quickly from optimising images and videos to distributing your files across a worldwide content delivery network. 

It doesn’t matter where your customers are located in the world, they will have a blazingly fast website experience from Olive & Lake.

A fast-loading website will result in higher conversions and more sales.

Lightning Fast Website

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Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is great, but if nobody sees it, you won't get too many sales. One of the best ways to drive visitors to your website is through search engines and organic search results. 

Websites need to be optimised for search engines!

SEO is an important factor as it means your website is more visible. In turn, you will drive highly targeted traffic to your website. The more targeted the traffic, the more chance you have of turning a visitor into a customer.

There are many aspects of SEO and getting more visibility on search engines. Many people will talk about off-site SEO which are things you can do outside of your website to help with your online visibility. This includes things such as building backlinks, guest blogging, and more. However, none of this will be effective if your website isn’t ready for it. 

Local SEO

If you have a physical location, we'll ensure that your website is optimised for local searches. It's important to contain specific and verifiable information to help Google understand correctly your physical location.

Technical SEO

Moreover, search engines expect certain technical considerations such as clear navigation, fast loading pages, schema markup and other aspects to ensure the technical aspects of your website are fully optimised.

On Page SEO

On page SEO relates to the content on your website, the structure of the content and how it is optimised. This includes things like correct header structure, written content, image optimisation and more.

Web Design for Your Business

Made for You

We have made 100s of websites for our clients and we only hand over a website once it has gone through our vigorous process from start to finish.

Hotel Website Design

1. The Concept Stage

The website process will kick off with a meeting with the goal of understanding what you want to achieve with your website, what are your objectives and any design preferences you may have. 

We will combine your ideas with our expert knowledge and decide on a final brief before we start work. 

We’ll look at some design examples, discuss fonts, choose colours and make sure we fully understand what we need to do.

We will then build a couple of pages on your website and send them over to you.

2. Concept Feedback

After you’ve had time to look through the concept pages, we’ll schedule a meeting and discuss your feedback. We’ll listen to any design changes you may have, share our ideas and make all the requested changes until you are happy with the initial concept. 

Once we have your agreement, we’ll continue to build the rest of the website in the same style.

3. The Draft Stage

Once we have finished the rest of the website, we’ll have a fully working draft. You’ll spend some time going through the whole website before we schedule another meeting to discuss your feedback.

After this meeting, we’ll make all the agreed changes to the draft and start to prepare the site for the final draft stage.

You’ll then look though the entire site again and note any final edits you want us to do before the site is ready to go live.

4. Final Checks

After we have made any of the final edits, it is time to start preparing the website to go live. We’ll make our final checks to ensure that everything is working correctly. Then, we’ll start the process of migrating your website to a live server.

5. Publicly Viewable

The website is now live and will start to be indexed by Google in the coming period. During this time, we’ll check for any final bugs, ask you to make some final checks and ensure that everything is working correctly. 

When these final checks are done, our support period starts.

6. Ongoing Support

We don’t just push your website live, hand over the keys and say “Good luck!” 

We’ll provide continued support to you and your team to ensure a smooth transition after the website has gone live. 

We’ll then start to discuss how we can help with digital marketing and driving traffic to the website and growing your online presence.

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Website Design in Siem Reap

Olive & Lake have worked with clients all over the world. We have built up a client base of satisfied and loyal customers because we only hand over our best work – and only our best work. 

We don’t just take on any project. In fact, we specialise in website design for hotels. However, our skills are transferable to other types of businesses, and we have a large portfolio of work.

Moreover, we also don’t just stop at building websites. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Your website is just the start of your online journey.

Website Design in Siem Reap

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build my website?

We aim to a have a speedy turnaround time for our web development services but we don’t want to rush poor quality work out of the door. Generally speaking, the first draft of your website is completed in 1 month, but this will be discussed with you when sign the contract and get started.

After the final draft, there are a few weeks of edits and checks to do before publishing the site. 

Generally speaking, you will have a new website around 6 weeks after we get started on work. However, this will be agreed and discussed and depends heavily on the type of project we are doing.

Can I update my website after it's finished?

Yes, of course you can. In fact, one of the reasons we like to use WordPress is that you can easily update the content by yourself.

In fact, all websites come with a 2-hour training session to teach you about how to update everything by yourself.

We don’t just then stop after 2 hours and leave you to it. Olive & Lake has very cost effective maintenance plans and we’re always available to answer any questions you have. If you need more training, we can arrange that too.

What about hosting?

Of course, you don’t need to worry about hosting. We don’t just have a “one size fits all solution” and try to fit your website into our hosting.

Instead, we’ll find the best option for you and your visitors.

If your business is located in Siem Reap and has visitors mostly from Southeast Asia and some international visitors, we might look to host your website in Singapore.

Similarly, if your business is based in Paris and your visitors are all from France, then we’d look to host it in France.

There is no one hosting plan which is suitable for everyone, but we will arrange everything for you. There’s no need to worry about a thing. You’ll have a fast loading website on a secure server.

If you want to upload your website to your own hosting account, we can do that too!

Will my website rank #1 in Google or get lots of customers?

We don’t promise anything. If anybody promises that they can get you #1 in Google, then run away quickly!

Olive & Lake guarantees that we will build a fast-loading, well-optimised, clean and clear website with strong calls to actions.

Making the website is the easy part. There’s a lot of work to do after the website has been completed so that you get more visibility. We can work with you throughout this entire process.

Always remember, your new website is just the beginning on your new and exciting online adventure. Also keep in mind that a good website is never finished. We’ll continually be updating it, changing it, adding to it and generally making it better.