How to Set Up an IMAP Email on an iPad

How to Set Up an IMAP Email on an iPad

This knowledge base post will show you how to set up IMAP accounts on an iPad using the default mail app. You can check emails anywhere you want!

You can connect multiple devices to your IMAP email accounts. In this article, you going to learn how to set up an IMAP account on your iPad.

1. Go to Settings

First of all, go to the Settings on your iPad. Most of iOS devices have the same settings icon - the gear Symbol. You can see it in the picture below.

Setting Icon on iPad

2. Passwords & Accounts

When you are inside the Settings, you need to find "Passwords & Accounts". Here, you can add your IMAP account.

Passwords & Accounts

3. Add an Account

After clicking "Passwords & Accounts", you will see "Add Account".

Add an Account

4. Select Other

There are list of several accounts types, you have to touch on "Other" to add your IMAP​​ account.

Select Other

5. Add Mail Account

Next, you need to tap on "Add Mail Account" where you can set up your IMAP settings.

Add Mail Account

6. IMAP Settings

You will need to add your IMAP details inside the columns. Below is a sample of the required IMAP settings which can help you to set up your email.


Username: same as email

Password: this is the email password in your cPanel account. Olive & Lake will provide this for you.

Incoming Server:

Port: 993

Security: SSL (sometimes it might say SSL - All Certificates. Always choose "All Certificates" if given the option.)

Outgoing Server:

Port: 465

Security: SSL

After you complete all the settings, you can tap on the "Next" at the top-right side.

If you don't know your settings, contact Olive & Lake and we'll be able to provide them for you.

IMAP Settings

7. Check your Mail

After finishing your IMAP set up, your account will verify. If your details are correct, you can now access your IMAP email account in your "Mail" app.

Send a test email to make sure everything is working.

If the verification has failed, you will go back and check that you have your settings correct. Check your email, password and IMAP settings to see if you have any mistakes.

Olive & Lake can help you to set up your IMAP emails on your iPad. Contact us if you need any help.

Save Mail Account

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